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Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind is Happiness, Yoga shows the Way

Swami Vishnudevananda

Namaste, Yoga with us at Om Studio

Welcome to our tranquil retreat – a beachside retreat for yoga practitioners of all levels. Our yoga studio invites you to join us on a journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or a novice, we have something special for everyone.

Experience the transformative power of yoga with Om Studio!

200 Hours YTTC In Goa

Come join us at Om Studio for a 200-hour yoga teaching journey in Agonda, South Goa and explore the stunning landscapes!

We’ll teach you the wisdom of yoga, the power of mindfulness, the power of meditation, and the power of movement. Our 30 days program will give you the skills and confidence to become a successful yoga instructor. Plus, you’ll get certified by the Yoga Alliance, a top-notch worldwide organization. 

Join the next 200-Hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training in Goa, India 

First you are a seeker, then you are a teacher

Aspiring to become a certified yoga teacher & transform your passion into a successful career? If yes, then this course is tailored for you.

200 hours yoga teacher training in goa

We began our journey with a genuine desire to share the benefits of yoga and to bring about profound changes in our students. Our facilitators are driven by a deep sense of purpose to help others achieve physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellness through yoga. We create a safe and supportive environment for our students to engage with their bodies, breath and spirit, and to experience the transformative power of yoga.

200 hours yoga teacher training in goa
200 hours yoga teacher training in goa

We’re here to help you lead a healthier, happier, more conscious life by teaching, guiding, and inspiring students to grow and develop through yoga. We believe yoga is more than just physical asanas, and we want to build a community of people who share our passion for yoga.

Our beachfront yoga studio is situated in the tranquil coastal town of Agonda in the Indian state of Goa. Our yoga studio is the ideal place for practice and self-discovery. Goa’s enchanting combination of stunning beaches, warm weather, and relaxed atmosphere is the perfect setting for you to embark on your life-changing journey of becoming a yoga teacher. 

200 hours yoga teacher training in goa

Course Highlights

  • In-depth study of yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation techniques
  • Understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and the subtle energy body
  • Practical teaching methodology and effective class sequencing
  • Daily practice and guidance in a supportive and nurturing environment
  • Workshops on yoga business, ethics, and self-development
  • Opportunities for teaching practice and constructive feedback

Be ready to embark on a transformative yoga journey and establish a solid foundation in the ancient practice

Our Yoga Teacher Training in Goa provides more than just certification; it is a transformative experience that enables you to form meaningful connections and build lifelong friendships. Together, you will gain insight into the fundamental principles of yoga, and be able to support one another on their spiritual and personal journeys. During your stay, you will be exposed to the yogic principles of life, and will be able to practice conscious living, take care of oneself, and incorporate yoga philosophy into one’s daily life.

Sample Daily Schedule

7.00am-8.00 am Pranayama Class 
8.00am-9.30 am Yoga Class 
9.30am-11.00 Breakfast Break 
11.00am-12.00pm Yoga Philosophy
12.00pm-1.00pm Yoga Anatomy 
1.00pm-3.00pm Lunch Break 
3.00pm-4.00pm Teaching Methodology 
4.00pm-5.30pm Yoga Class 
5.30pm-6.30pm Meditation 
6.30pm Onwards Rest 

The daily schedule is subject to change Your flexibility allows facilitators to adjust to students’ needs. 

Despite a heavy schedule, this training is an enlightening and interesting process of transformation. For the duration of the course, you will have an opportunity to live in the lap of nature, creating the perfect environment to support such an intensive journey.

Why yoga with us?

Share your truth with the world.

Transform Your Yoga Journey

200 hours yoga teacher training in goa

Who Can Participate?

Some Students Attending Our Ttc Simply Wish To Deepen Their Practice And Do Not Intend To Teach Immediately. Om Studio Is Focused On A Student’s Dedication And Commitment To Personal Growth And Openness To Learning. It Is Preferable That All Students Have Prior Yoga Experience Of At Least 1 Year, But Exceptions Can Be Made For Students Who Are Committed To Improving Their Practice. 

Eligibility Criteria :

Energy Flows Where Intention & Attention Go.

So set your intentions as we give you the attention and mechanics to manifest the life you dream of. Take the first step towards an extraordinary yoga journey. Enroll in our Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Teacher Training Course in Goa today! Limited spots available. Reserve yours now and embrace a new chapter of self-discovery and transformation.

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Duration of course – 30 days
Starts on 1st of the Month


1st Sept – 30th Sept 2024
1st Mar- 30th Mar 2025




Inclusions: Trainings Fees, Training Manual & Refreshments

Accommodation & Food : Subject to availability at Extra cost. Kindly contact us to check availability.

Food : Delicious wholesome vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Refreshments included.


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