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Group Offerings

Customized Wellness Workshops for Private Group and Corporate Gatherings

Led by the expertise and experience of Om Studio’s facilitators, every session is unique and energizing. Each workshop can be customized to be 1-2 hours long and tailored to the specific needs and interests of the private group or corporate client. Group sizes ranging from 10 to over 100. The workshops can take place at the client’s venue and incorporate educational components as well as experiential practices.

The key benefits to highlight include : 

  • Stress reduction
  • Increased focus and productivity, 
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing, 
  • Team building/bonding. 


Corporate Clients :

  • VM Ware
  • Tech Mahindra 
  • Piaggio 
  • Advik
  • Quick Heal 
  • Radio One
  • MVPM, Pune
  • STM Engineers
  • Episodes
  • ANP Builders

Reach out to us on omstudio.infosite@gmail.com if you need to request for a workshop, any clarification or have additional requests!

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